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Patches and Chip PDF Print E-mail

Patches and Chip

Patches, a black/white castrated male and partner Chip is a grey/white female. Both are about 2 years old.

Biscuit and M & M PDF Print E-mail

Biscuit and M & M

Biscuit.(at back), both Old English markings, Black/White castrated male and his sister M & M 6/7mths old.

Honeycomb and Peanut PDF Print E-mail

Honeycomb and Peanuts

Honeycomb (on left) is a castrated male and his sister Peanut 6/7 months old. Both are Old English black/white markings.

Buttons and Zebedee PDF Print E-mail

Buttons and Zebedee

Buttons is a black castrated male and his partner Zebedee is a ginger and white female. Both are about 2 years old.

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Lickey Black and Tallulah PDF Print E-mail

Lickey Black and Tallulah

Lickey Black (castrated male) and his female partner Tallulah seeking a new home together.



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