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Useful Hints for Rabbit and Guinea-Pig Owners PDF Print E-mail

All Rabbits and Guinea-pigs need regular cleaning out, especially Rabbits. In the summer months they can soon get fly-strike, this is caused by bluebottle flies laying their eggs on the rabbit which hatches out into maggots and starts to eat the rabbits flesh.

Dirty cages encourages this to happen. There are products on the market to help discourage this happening. It is always advisable to use regular treatment. This can sometimes happen to the cleanest of rabbit. Check regular for skin or fur mites on both rabbits and Guinea-pigs. This looks like dandruff in their coats. Guinea-pigs are very prone to this problem. It is a killer to the animal. Seek veterinary advise immediately if you notice any of these problems.

Rabbits and Guinea-pigs need regular feeding every day, dry mix food, vegetables, fresh cool water and hay for their roughage. On top of this they need a large hutch and an exercise run, and regular handling.  If you choose to keep these types of animal then they should be cared for properly.