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Caring for Your Pet PDF Print E-mail

Make sure that you feed your new furry friend with proper pet food, not your own left overs! They need good, nutritious food to keep them healthy and strong.

Chocolate is dangerous to dogs, so if you want to give them a treat make sure it's doggy chocolate drops you feed them. Cow's milk can give cats an upset tummy, so keep to fresh water or the special cat milk you can buy alongside cat food.

It's important to make sure that your animal stays fit and healthy. Dogs enjoy their daily walks and playing with toys and balls while cats will always want to run after a soft toy or ball made from tin foil. In addition, dogs and especially long haired cats will need regular grooming. So, make sure you have time for these activities before you consider adopting.

Treat your animal regularly for fleas and worms and also have them vaccinated by the vet once a year. It can also be a good idea to get pet insurance to cover any unexpected vet bills.

Microchipping is the safest way to make sure that your pet is identifiable in case they get lost and is something that the vet can do in a matter of minutes. If your animal was already microchipped by a previous owner, don't forget to change ownership details.

Finally, never leave your animal to fend for itself when you're away from home. Ask a neighbour to feed them, or use a pet-sitting service or take them to a kennel/cattery.