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Welcoming your Pet Home PDF Print E-mail

Now that you've chosen your new pet, it's important that you're ready to welcome them home.

They may be feeling a bit bewildered and scared moving out of the security of the STARescue environment that they've come to know, so when you collect them, make sure that you have a suitable pet carrier for cats and other small animals, or a collar and lead for dogs. This will make their journey home as stress-free as possible.

Once you get your new friend home, make sure that they have somewhere nice and cosy to sleep, their own food and water bowls and a toy to keep them entertained. Cats will also need a litter tray. And smaller animals a hutch or run.

Be patient with them during their settling in period and give them the love and attention they deserve so that they start to feel happy and secure. If they are a little nervous to start with, given them some space to adapt to their new surroundings in their own time. Introduce children and other animals to them in stages so that they don't get overwhelmed. And if you're adopting a cat, keep them in for the first three to four weeks so that they don't go wandering off and get lost when you let them out.