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Pet Adoption PDF Print E-mail

Before leaving us, we ensure all animals are vaccinated and neutered, and we carry out home checks to ensure you and your new family member are a good match for one another.

Welcoming your Pet Home PDF Print E-mail

Now that you've chosen your new pet, it's important that you're ready to welcome them home.

Useful Hints for Rabbit and Guinea-Pig Owners PDF Print E-mail

All Rabbits and Guinea-pigs need regular cleaning out, especially Rabbits. In the summer months they can soon get fly-strike, this is caused by bluebottle flies laying their eggs on the rabbit which hatches out into maggots and starts to eat the rabbits flesh.

Caring for Your Pet PDF Print E-mail

Make sure that you feed your new furry friend with proper pet food, not your own left overs! They need good, nutritious food to keep them healthy and strong.

Giving Up Your Pet PDF Print E-mail

Unfortunately, people sometimes have to give up a pet for various reasons. Don't despair if you find yourself in this position as STARescue can always help. We never put a healthy animal down and will be happy to look after your precious animal until we find them a new and equally loving home. Contact Shirley King for further details.