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We've just received a nice email from someone who has recently adopted two of our rabbits telling us how well they have settled into their new home:

Recently my husband contacted yourself about adopting 2 rabbits as we missed having a little friend since our rabbit passed away. You told us about your friend Doreen who was looking after some rabbits and we were welcome to make an appointment and have a look, well we did and we took on 2 lovely adorable bunnies a girl who is a lop who we named Daphne and a Dutch we named Rodney. I would just like to let you know they have settled in brilliant a bit nervous at first but they are very happy and enjoying binging round there new home we are noticing there personalities coming through and would like to thank you for a wonderful caring job you do as with out your help we would not have found our new family. I have enclosed a photo of them both for you.


And here's photos of the two new family members in their new home: