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Small animal rescue centre
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Some of our animals can't be rehomed due to health or behavioural issues. So, to help with their care, we are looking for sponsorship. If you would like to make a regular contribution to the upkeep of one particular animal, or a one-off payment to help them all, please click here to use our sponsorship form.

All donations, large or small, are really appreciated.



Here are some of STARescue's long term residents looking for sponsorship:


Scratchie is a 12 year old plus neutered male cat.  He came into rescue a month ago, un-wanted by his owner of 8 years because he had recently started soiling the house for whatever reason.
The owner had taken him from a local veterinary practice 8 years earlier as a stray cat. The practice had estimated his age at 4/5yrs at the time. Somehow, he had been in  an accident which left him with a broken leg which was never treated. Scratchie seems to manage ok with this problem. However, 8 years down the line, and without being treated his leg is firmly set. It would mean a major operation by a specialist veterinary surgeon to try and correct it. It is felt because of his age it is not viable to put him though the trauma of this major operation.
Its possible that Scratchie, with his problems will remain in care of the rescue for the rest of his life. If you feel you can help the rescue by sponsoring or donated food it would be much appreciated.




Zac outside STARescueZac is a 5 year old castrated male cat. Zac was one of several feral (wild) kittens that came into care that year. If feral kittens are handled at 5/6 weeks they soon become friendly to humans. Any age over that makes them more difficult to domesticate. Zac was one that didn't want to know. 5 years down the line he has become quite friendly while in his comfort zone. Any changes would upset him. He will remain in STARescue and live the lifestyle he is accustomed to.






pip Pip is a 4 year old castrated male cat. Pip was also one of three feral kittens. Pip came into care at the age of 18 weeks old with his sister and brother. His brother, a long coat tabby, was tamed and went to a new home after 6 months. His sister always suffered ill health and was put to sleep at 3 years old when she had a kidney failure. Pip is quite friendly with people he knows, but gets spooked easily. He will remain in the care of STARescue.





Socks, Paddy, Misty, Pip and Honey Boy

Here are five permanent residents seeking sponsorship. Sharing one of the many baskets in the house are Socks (black/white), Paddy (tabby), Misty (tabby/tortie), Pip (tabby/white), and Honey Boy (ginger). If you would like to help with their upkeep, please sponsor them.