We have a selection of small animals looking for their forever homes. These range from cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters to occasional birds and dogs.

Have a browse through our photo gallery below to see if your perfect friend is waiting for you. Then contact us to set up a time to pop over and meet them.

Before leaving us, we ensure all animals are vaccinated and neutered, and we carry out home checks to ensure you and your new family member are a good match for one another.

To cover our food and veterinary bills, we ask for a donation when you collect your new animal.

For advise about caring for your new furry friend, check our information on pet care. Or, if in doubt about anything, please ask us.


This young green budgie was found and taken to a vets in Basingstoke.


2-3 year old female dark tabby (short bio field)


18 month old castrated male guinea pig


18 months - 2 year old two-tone rosette guinea pig

Rosie & Brandy

9 - 10 month old tri-coloured/brindle sisters

Tipsy & Tilly

18 month old male and 6 month old female

Tess & Bess

Black short haired 7 month old sisters


2-3 year old long-haired spayed female

Bugsy & Polly

6 month old castrated male and his sister